1. Pacey
    If you're Team Dawson, I don't even know where to begin in the levels of how wrong you are.
  2. Rory being single
    All of Rory's boyfriends suck. SORRY THEY DO.
  3. Kathy/Chandler
    Look, I love Monica and Chandler as much as the next Friends fan, but Kathy and Chandler were great until they short-changed the wonderful Paget Brewster and had her abruptly cheat on him.
  4. Noel
    OK Ben is cute but like, Felicity was crazy to pick a school JUST cause he went there. Let's be real here.
  5. Andy/Erin before he lost his mind
    Really liked them as a couple when it was first introduced. Less so later on.
  6. Dave Rygalski
    I know The OC stole Adam Brody away from Gilmore Girls, but he was wonderful and stupid Zack ruined Lane's life.
  7. Matt Saracen and literally anyone other than fucking Julie
    Matt was so sweet and Julie was unworthy of both Matt and her parents, Coach & Tami Taylor.