It's My One-Year Listiversary!

  1. I got this very special email (thanks, @fisackerly!) one year ago today.
  2. I stand by my very first list, People I Shouldn't Have Dated, as the most on-brand of all of my lists.
  3. (Because I have mostly listed about boys, TV, sex, and nail art, and will continue to do so)
  4. It's been a wonderful year being part of this warm, honest, open community.
  5. In the last year, I've also hit some milestones.
  6. I got my dream job.
  7. I celebrated a year with my boyfriend, and am coming up on a year and a half at the end of the month.
  8. I got said boyfriend to finish the Harry Potter series.
  9. I went to San Francisco for the first time...
  10. ...and also San Diego!
  11. I found out my ex of three and a half years was getting married...and then found his gem of a wedding website.
  12. I finally watched Gilmore Girls👍🏻
  13. ...and The OC (but stopped after season 1)
  14. Did I mention I wrote a lot about boys???
  15. And exes.
  16. I went to my first ListApp meet up and was totally emotionally overwhelmed.
  17. It was also on here that I first really opened up about my rape.
  18. And here
  19. And here
  20. I went to Disneyland 17 times! (trying to lighten the mood)
  21. I got mistaken for a porn star.
  22. I read the new Princess Diaries book and had a lot of feelings.
  23. I did a LOT of nail art.
  24. I saw many iterations of the ListApp/TLA/list logo.
  25. I panicked about the ever-expanding network of listers
  26. But overall, it's been a great year on @list. Thank you, @bjnovak, @dev, @Nicholas, @jeremysomething, @minhal, and the whole team for creating and maintaining my favorite (and most-used) app/social media platform.