1. Two years ago today, I got my first tattoo!
    Christina at Zulu Tattoo (now called Royal Heritage) was so lovely.
  2. For the two years prior to getting it, I really wanted a tattoo, but didn't feel strongly enough about anything to put it on my body permanently.
  3. I found this lyric from my favorite band, Frightened Rabbit, and fell in love.
    The full phrase is: There's something wrong with me and it reads nothing like poetry. Will you love me in spite of these tics and inconsistencies? There's something wrong with me.
  4. I used the rule my mom made when I was 5 and wanted to get my ears pierced. If I still wanted it in six months, by my birthday, then I would do it.
  5. And I did!
  6. It's funny when you don't seem "the type" to get tattoos.
  7. All my friends from high school were like, "Whaaaaa?!?!"
  8. My mom said, "The font is nice, I guess."
    She claims she didn't but I had it in text message so...
  9. Here it is today!
  10. I want more, but I gotta save up.
  11. The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't see it since it's on my back.
  12. The next one I get will be somewhere I can see it.
  13. Lately, I've been thinking about this image. It's an iris, my parents' wedding flower, from a stained glass piece my dad got my mom for their first anniversary. It still hangs in their house, over 30 years later.
  14. I do love the fine line/single needle technique (by East Iz/ east_ssc on Insta)
  15. I've always loved ampersands have drawn them since I was 14, but now I feel like they're basic/overdone, as much as I love it.
  16. I want something on my wrist but I'm scared! Can't hide that! No way! (Also by East)
  17. So, happy tattooiversary to me! I'm very happy with the decision I made two years ago!