Items That Currently Hang on My Bedroom Walls

  1. This WRDSMTH piece I commissioned
    WRDSMTH is probably my favorite LA-based street artist. I had this piece commissioned with my favorite quote from "Almost Famous" and it was wonderful to get to work with him and create a piece I truly love. This was also the first piece of art I purchased, which made me feel like an adult x100. You can find a list of some of my favorite pieces of his here: 25 Wrdsmth Pieces I Love
  2. My Duke Silver poster
    Best birthday gift ever, courtesy of @Caitlin, who knows me too well.
  3. Mickey & Minnie character sketch
    I finally got this done in Disneyland the last time we were there, after pining for it for 8+ months. I got there just in time to see the artist finishing it, and I cried. I'm not even embarrassed.
  4. My photo corner
    Here hang a bunch of photos of the people I love.
  5. This sketch of Forrest MacNeil
    This one's for you, @angusisley. When I worked on the first season of "Review," my friend Ben in the art department did this little sketch of Andy Daly, and it hung in the production office trailer until we wrapped. No one took it down, so I swiped it.
  6. My favorite souvenir from Hawaii
    I got this photograph, "Lauhala Flow" by Tom Kuali'l, at the Extreme Exposure gallery in Hilo when I visited Hawaii a year ago.
  7. My Parks & Rec calendar
    I've gotten one of these from PopArtPress every year for the last three years and they're great. The key is also something special but I won't bore you with that story.
  8. This Owl John poster
    Owl John was the solo project of Frightened Rabbit (my favorite band) frontman, Scott Hutchison. I have his words tattooed on my body, and getting to see Scott perform solo and acoustic, no set list, just asking the audience what we wanted to hear and then playing it, was a transcendent experience.
  9. This Comedy Bang! Bang! promotional photo
    I had to have Scott and Reggie sign these photos for a promotional event, but they made this one out to two different people, so we had to scrap it. But it makes me laugh every time, so I kept this one since we deemed it un-send-able.