1. I said slower. Instead, he jacked off. Happy Valentine's Day!
  2. Same guy as first kiss. Didn't work, went on top.
    Suggested by @solena
  3. It hurt! It's true what they say about black guys.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  4. My mom found the condom wrapper the next day. Whoops.
    Suggested by @Waz
  5. Halloween nurses costume drunk laughed too much we broke up.
    Suggested by @bsizzle33
  6. While looking at a painting of Buddha
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  7. Bedroom at a kegger, right before he left for Spain.
    Suggested by @marykathryn
  8. I was older than I'd like to have been …
    Suggested by @dmbanthony
  9. Definitely should have used some lube...
    Suggested by @macnchz
  10. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.
    Suggested by @pathb
  11. I haven't yet. 😬
    Suggested by @jhope71
  12. Technically illegal. Secret. My decision. No regrets.
    Suggested by @sophiedushko
  13. Grateful he knew what he was doing. Fairy lights overhead!
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  14. We did it on the same day we got engaged!
    It wasn't great, but I married him anyway😱
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  15. Awkward. Confusing. Oddly musical. Kinda sticky.
    Suggested by @eriknmichaelssrn
  16. It didn't work. The next morning we went to IHOP.
    Suggested by @jellybean
  17. Right time, wrong guy.
    Suggested by @shanaz
  18. Played a concert including Debussy La Mer, and then later..... 😜😱😂
    For those of you who aren't classical music peeps this is like comically/almost absurdly perfect 🤣🎶🌊
    Suggested by @gwenswoons
  19. Pseudo romantic deflowering on the floor of his apartment's gazebo.
    I say this because the moon was shining bright and from my angle, it was better I gaze at that than his face.
    Suggested by @ijeoma
  20. Wedding night. Thankful for lube. Hilariously awkward. Somehow still amazing.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  21. Which time? fingering tinder date or guy with boxers on?
    Suggested by @ehuang
  22. While watching Return of the Jedi in a motel
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  23. highly anticipated dorm deflowering, an orgasm was'nt in the cards
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  24. Dorm room bunk bed, my consent wasn't there.
    (It's okay dudes I got a second chance...my current BF & I made our first time really special.)
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  25. My room. Twin bed. Nice. Kiss. Pull out!! Pull out!!
    I think it was perfect cause I loved him so much. We pretty much did it all summer until his family moved to Lake Elsinore. Or was it Indio? Did I mention he was a twin 😉
    Suggested by @angela3950
  26. College dorm to a Oakland Hoodrat who use to carry razor blades under her tongue in high school, with Donny Hathaway playing in the background. It was fast.
    Suggested by @johnniehobbs
  27. Freshman dorm, top bunk. Jim Carey on the TV.
    Suggested by @annie_teee
  28. His big D hurt. Blood everywhere.
    Suggested by @rachelanne
  29. We high fived after
    Suggested by @drugs
  30. Cliche romantic date night with serious boyfriend. We high-fived.
    Suggested by @mlh
  31. One of the hottest guys at school. Everyone was jealous.
    He's since got fat. I still have no regrets.
    Suggested by @LeahG
  32. Drunk as fuck. Dorm bed. Guy I trusted. No regrets.
    Suggested by @alenka
  33. Last week. (Finally!) Communicative boyfriend. Friend sent inside joke gift...
    Funny you should ask now 😊
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  34. In high school, his twin bed, at his dad's house.
    It was quite the romantic scene
    Suggested by @SarahMoore
  35. I was so in love. He was the right person. Then.
    Suggested by @readjulia
  36. Got married first. Twenty-four years later, still in love.
    Suggested by @MaddyandOwensMom
  37. How many black chicks can say my 1st was Romanian?
    Suggested by @unfoRETTAble
  38. Twin bed. Parents' house. Should've chosen hotel but nice anyway.
    Suggested by @mindyxw
  39. High school boyfriend. Winter formal. Ended it 1st week in college. 😉
    Suggested by @aswinn