Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. I was 13.
  2. I was in 7th grade.
  3. I was preparing for my Bat Mitzvah.
  4. I was coming to terms with the reality of money and my family's limits.
  5. I had the biggest crush on a boy named Will, who had also been my kindergarten boyfriend back in the day. We would slow dance at my Bat Mitzvah.
  6. I had just discovered Dawson's Creek, which I would forever love. (I even listed about Pacey recently!)
  7. I would have sleepovers with Brittany, Vanessa, and Clara, before the latter two would ditch us. I'm still friends with Brittany--we have hours-long phone calls once or twice a month.
  8. My room would still be painted periwinkle and yellow, which it had been since my birth. I'd change it the following year to all light pink, for whatever reason.
  9. I really, really loved Matchbox 20.