1. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were at Disneyland and desperate for some water. We had tried a water fountain but the water was opaque and gray, so we stopped at the nearest vendor, the Vineyard in California Adventure.
  2. In front of us was a couple and their two daughters, who were maybe 4 and 5.
  3. The wife was wearing a backpack, and the husband was going through it to get something. She started to walk away, and he apparently wasn't finished doing whatever he was doing, and what transpired was very much the "babe" scene between Michael Scott and Jan in the Dinner Party episode of The Office.
  4. "I wasn't finished, babe," he said, annoyed.
  5. "Babe, how was I supposed to know when you're good?" she replied.
  6. "I won't be good til I have a drink in my hand, babe," he said.
  7. So, the cast member pours the parents' drinks at the bar, and as he's doing so, the hostess at the adjacent restaurant calls out, "Michael, party of 4?" and the husband responds that they're coming.
  8. He then takes the sparkling wine his wife orders, takes a sip, and then hands the glass to each of their young daughters.
  10. "You can't do that," says the cast member assisting this family.
  11. "Well, I just did!" says the dad, and they all walk over to claim their reservation.
  12. My boyfriend and I jump up to their place at the counter. "We just want one water bottle," my boyfriend says. The cast member stares at us for a moment. "Hold on one minute," he says, and then turns to his coworker to explain the situation.
  13. Then, the supervisor happens to come by, and he explains it to her. The cast member wants to go find them by doesn't know their name. He can only describe him. "I think he's eating," is all he knows.
  14. "We really just want the water—our fast passes are about expire," my boyfriend says, trying to expedite the process because our passes were about to expire and we had to go meet his brother and sister-in-law at the Tower of Terror.
  15. "They just called his name for his reservation," we say. "I think it was Michael. One of his daughters had a Belle dress."
  16. Finally, they give us our bottle of water and we hurry to Tower but...
  17. ...did we help get a family kicked out of Disneyland and potentially traumatize two small children...?! What happens in this situation?? 😬😬😬
    @joshmc, any insights?