I worked as a cashier & in guest service at Target for three summers. At least I got some weird stories out of it?
  1. The lady who showed me her hernia by lifting up her shirt in public.
    Could have lived without any of it.
  2. The man in a suit who asked if I was married and then asked if I wanted to date the young man who was with him.
    Was the suit the young guy's pimp? Certainly seemed like a possibility. They were definitely not related.
  3. The woman who tried to return a Britta filter after 4 months because it stopped working.
    You're supposed to change the filters every 3 months.
  4. The woman who asked me how high the underwear she was purchasing would come up on her.
    I'm just a cashier, ma'am.
  5. The woman who got very upset with me that we couldn't accept her Walmart gift card.
    You're at Target. Come on!
  6. The older gentleman who made me dance with him but was so old that I felt guilty saying no.
    He was so old! I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
  7. The guy buying a baby shower gift off the registry and two boxes of condoms.
    Guess he was happy for his friend but most certainly didn't want to follow his lead?
  8. The warehouse guy who asked for my number every single day I worked for three months.
    Oh Leroy.