My boyfriend and I are annual pass holders and have gone five times in less than four months because we are insane. PS: I'm using "Disneyland" broadly here to include both Disneyland Park and California Adventure
  1. 👍 Disneyana shop, Main Street
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    This is my new favorite place in all of Disneyland. They have all sorts of awesome Disney art that I will buy when I have money some day. They have cast members that will hand-draw characters for you, and are full of history and knowledge.
  2. 👎 Mickey's Fun Wheel
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    Who named this ride? It is NOT fun but, rather, the scariest thing on the planet. It *looks* like a Ferris Wheel but the carts swing violently from side to side and there are no safety belts or bars so I'm pretty sure this is a death trap. This is my face mid-ride, when my boyfriend convinced me to go on this and then I later nearly murdered him.
  3. 👍 Space Mountain
  4. 👎 Getting stuck behind Lightning McQueen in Cars Land
    Or any parade, for that matter, but this one is especially hard to get around. You just have to walk slowly behind it and like, I've got places to be and attractions to ride!
  5. 👍 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    This was the first roller coaster I ever went on (the one in Disney World, but still). We were on a family trip for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, and my cousin (who is only 6 months older than I am) was making fun of me for being a scaredy cat. Seven-year-old me said fuck it and went on this ride, and last minute my cousin chickened out. This remains one of my favorites, and had amazing views of the park.
  6. 👎 Matterhorn
    Might be an unpopular opinion, but it hurts my butt every time I ride sooo
  7. 👍 Watching kids meet Mickey/Minnie
    This isn't creepy, I swear. It's just really sweet to watch the little ones meet the characters and be happy/bashful/sneezy/any other emotions, Dwarf-related or otherwise.
  8. 👎 Silly Symphony Swings
    This makes me dizzier than California Screamin, and California Screamin goes upside down!
  9. 👍 Radiator Springs Racers
    I have only been on this once because you have to get a fast pass first thing in the morning or you won't get on, but it was a delight