1. I was in 6th grade Spanish class. Our classroom was on the third story of the building. Toward the end of class, the middle school principal came up to talk to my teacher. I remember them whispering. We were then told we would be going to the Meeting House after class.
  2. I remember heading up toward the meeting house with Kayla Miller, and we ran into one of the 5th grade teachers. We said we were going to the meeting house, but didn't know what it was about. The teacher very casually said, "Oh, it probably has to do with the towers collapsing." Kayla and I nodded, pretending we knew what was going on in the world.
  3. I went to a Quaker school, and the meeting house is the place of worship. Although only a small sector of our students were actually Quaker (including @josephine), we all went to meeting for worship once a week. We would sit in the simple, white room, on wooden benches with maroon cushions, three to a bench. If one was moved to speak, one could.
  4. The meeting house was packed. Every bench was full, and people were sitting on the floor, spilling out into the hallway.
  5. All I remember thinking about was the fact that my uncle worked in the city.
  6. Afterward, kids started getting picked up from school. I remember that Ms. Mason, the 7th grade geography teacher, had a huge flat screen tv. We sat in her room watching news coverage I wasn't quite old enough to truly understand. I just remember the footage getting replayed over and over again.
  7. My mom came to pick me and our family friend's son up. He was only in second grade and had no idea what was going on. He kept saying how cool it was to get to leave school so early.
  8. Apparently my uncle had had a meeting in the city that morning, and it was in the towers. But he was running late, and my aunt called before the second one went down, or he would have been there.
  9. They cancelled the famous camping trip we were supposed to go on with our 6th grade class. Two months later, as a consolation, they would rent out the historic Senator theater in Baltimore and take my entire school to see the opening day of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."