1. Now I guess I can truly love him or whatever.
  2. He secretly started reading them after our first date.
  3. Because I had worn my Hedwig necklace.
  4. He is almost 30 and had never read them. I got the first book when my grandparents came back from England when I was 7 and were like "this is popular I guess" (it was 1997, before the wave hit the US). When the movies came out, I was the exact age as the kids. It was one of the most important cultural symbols of my childhood.
  5. When I saw the book at his house a few weeks in, he was SO embarrassed.
  6. That was 14 months ago.
  7. It has been SO HARD to keep my dumb mouth shut.
  8. I only spoiled ONE thing from the first book.
  9. But I did it!
  10. Now, we can marathon the movies with our friends in anticipation of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opening in LA in April.
  11. Now, I can talk totally openly with him, without fear of spoiling.
  12. Amen ⚡️🙌🏻⚡️