1. Saying "see you in the morning" at bedtime until both my parents said it back or else I was convinced one of the three of us was going to die overnight.
  2. "Slime-proofing" my room every night
    This stemmed from my aforementioned fear of the Slime Monster from "Ghost Writer" (see list "TV/Movies that Terrified Me as a Child"). I would go through this elaborate routine of "slime-proofing" my room before bed every night by tapping various points and corners in my room and then counting in specific patterns under my covers. It was a whole ordeal.
  3. Refusing to drink orange juice unless it was the first thing I was putting in my body in the morning. If I'd already eaten, forget it! No juice for me.
  4. No food ever touching on the plate and only very plain food allowed.
    One time a waiter at a very nice restaurant brought me a cheeseburger instead of a hamburger and I cried.
  5. Running around for 30 minutes every time I had to take medicine or get a shot, and I had to get monthly shots for 5 years, and give myself daily shots for a year and a half.
    I'd later piece together that these were the early stages of my panic attacks.
  6. Asking my preschool teacher to put me in time out because I was the only kid in the class who hadn't experienced it.