This was my boyfriend and my 10th day in Disneyland in 6 months and it was our most efficient day by far. We were only in the park from 10:30am-3:30pm and accomplished so much!
  1. Started with boyfriend bringing coffee and OJ up to the hotel room while I was in the shower because he is an angel. Then, complimentary breakfast with real food, not just pastries. Gotta charge up.
  2. Go straight for Indiana Jones fast pass upon entering the park. It's only an hour return. Whoa!
  3. Wait in an (albeit very hot) line for Peter Pan's Flight, which finally reopened after months of renovations. I remember loving the Peter Pan ride in Disney World SO much as a child. It didn't disappoint.
  4. Get fast pass to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Again, the return time is only an hour away. This is blowing my mind.
  5. Ride Indiana Jones!! I've been wanting to go back to this one again. Fast pass was 👌🏻, especially because most of the waiting area was indoors.
  6. Ride Haunted Mansion. This is the first time we saw the Hatbox Ghost! How scary and beautiful.
  7. Fast pass to Splash Mountain because we'd never done it before and it was a million degrees and I was definitely not going back on Grizzly River Run, the water ride in California Adventure, which was also the cause of yesterday's head injury.
  8. Ride Big Thunder! We almost always do this one. Great views of the park and so fun. Fast pass is always super speedy.
  9. Lunch at the Hungry Bear 🐻 because it was there and it's a great shady spot with a nice view and ducks (bummer town that there's no duck emoji)
  10. Ride Alice in Wonderland. I'd never done this one before and it's a new favorite. Really great mix of animatronics, painted areas, and digital. I loved it. Plus, many cute babies in line.
  11. Ride Space Mountain. We waited in the line because fast pass return was later than we wanted to stay in the park. It said 30 min standby line and it was longer than that but worth it. Space Mountain is probably my favorite ride in the park.
  12. Ride Splash Mountain. We sat in the front. I was terrified. How are there no seat belts?? I know gravity and all but still.
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  13. It kinda went downhill from there, when there was no artist at the Disneyana store to do the drawing I'd been wanting to get since February, the shuttle took forever, etc etc. Overall though, a solid day!