Because @Jen and I must be on a similar brainwave. Apparently, I use an excessive amount of exclamation points?
  1. Idk I was just bored sorry
  2. You too. That dolphin is still on my fridge, my roommate won't let me erase it :)
  3. Did your cough ever go away? :p
  4. Be safe out there
  5. Ah well
  6. No worries at all! Moving is the absolute worst. I was just hoping your sweet pup could help me pass along the message that I thought his friend was pretty cute and interesting. And also a good kisser haha
  7. That sounds perfect!
  8. It's just a tough week!
  9. Hahahah I still have 3 dozen cookies but they're for a potluck!
  10. For sure. Enjoy your victory! ⚾️