My Five Minutes of Fame 😎

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I worked on the "The Birthday Boys" for both seasons of the show.
  2. We often used crew members when we needed background people in scenes.
  3. I avoided having to be onscreen for season one, but the Boys thought it was funny how adamantly I didn't want to be on camera, so they literally wrote me into a season two script.
  4. The first breakdown said Bride (played by Rachel)
  5. So one day, instead of doing all the work I had to do, I spent two and a half hours in hair and makeup.
  6. They put me in a VERY boobalicious dress that made me extremely uncomfortable in front of my mostly male coworkers for the day.
  7. This is what I looked like:
  8. I decided to have a little fun though, and posted THIS picture on my social media the day we shot, with a caption about being married.
  9. You'd be shocked how many people I haven't spoken to since high school thought I got married from that obvious selfie.
  10. Who ONLY posts a selfie without their new spouse??
  11. Anyway, the episode aired six months later and the episode went out on a close up of my face, looking dismayed because my wedding had been ruined.
  12. I've been spotted by friends on other shows I've worked on before (Comedy Bang! Bang!, W/Bob and David) but never had my face take up the entire screen. It was super weird!