I went to a (wonderful) hippie-dippie Quaker School for 13 years. The other 4 private schools in the area all had uniforms but we just had the following dress code.
  1. No blue jeans
    The headmaster (who retired when I was in second grade) didn't like blue jeans. He thought they looked low-status. And he'd been headmaster for DECADES, so it still sticks to this day, almost 18 years since he retired. ALSO: Black/gray jeans were fine. As were denim skirts. It made no sense. This also meant I went to college with (and still have) jeans from SEVENTH GRADE.
  2. No shirts/sweatshirts with any words/logos (except colleges)
    Not having brands visible was supposed to be a status-equalizer or something. I don't know, man.
  3. Reach and Stretch
    When you lifted your hands up in the air, your shirt had to be long enough that your stomach wasn't exposed. When you put your arms down by your sides, your shorts/skirt had to be longer than your fingertips.
  4. No shorts/sandals from October 1st til after spring break
    No flip flops in elementary or middle school. OK in high school.