1. September 2012: I start interning at my company. The fridge is mega stocked with LaCroix. I try the sparkling water beverage, but when I was little, I used to open up soda bottles and wait for them to be flat before drinking them, so I deem it not for me.
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  2. October 2012: I'm told by my boss (only semi-) jokingly that I'll never get hired at the company if I don't like LaCroix.
  3. November 2012: Bam! Hired anyway. Still don't like LaCroix.
  4. April 2013: I start working on a new show at my company. Unsurprisingly, they, too, love LaCroix.
  5. July 2013: I am peer pressured into trying additional flavors of LaCroix. I want so badly to fit in. I worry about getting fired due to my dislike of the beverage which is so ingrained in the culture of my company.
  6. October 2013: My office goes through 4 boxes of LaCroix in one day. I do not partake. I am an outcast.
  7. June 2014: I begrudgingly drink a lime LaCroix because I'm trying to cut back on my caffeine intake. I do not enjoy it.
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  8. November 2014: I occasionally drink LaCroix, but am never happy about it.
  9. January 2015: I crash a Twitter conversation between @garysundt and @annamonomaniac about LaCroix. The company LaCroix is not hashtagged or @'d but they reach out to me.
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  10. January 2015 continued: In one of my more brilliant moves to date, I tag the TV show I work on in response to their plea to make me love them and say "I'm not sure. You could send some to us here and we could see!" The LaCroix Twitter account direct messages me and we coordinate a shipment.
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  11. February 2015: We receive an absurd amount of coupon from LaCroix for free 8-12 packs and buy one get one free. This saves my company about $50 but I gain huge acclaim in my community.
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  12. March 2015: I start working as a writers' assistant on a different show (still at the same company) and start drinking Pamplemousse every day. Willingly. It was always the writers' rooms who were especially keen on this beverage. Two and half years later, I am finally a convert.
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  13. September 2015: I now drink about one LaCroix a day. I prefer pamplemousse, peach-pear, mango, passion fruit, apricot, or cran-raspberry. Never orange or coconut. I am sad every day we run out of LaCroix. Who have I become?
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