My Last Day Of High School (8 Years Ago Today)

  1. I went to a Quaker school for 13 years. Of the 95 kids in my graduating class, 60 of us had been there since kindergarten or first grade.
  2. I got my only minor detention in all of high school, obviously not to be served.
  3. This is the extent of our physics class that showed up that last day. Maybe a quarter of the class. We hadn't learned anything since first semester though, so it makes sense.
  4. Our class had water guns and water balloons cause why not?
  5. People with water guns climbed up to the roof of the cafeteria to get into position.
  6. As was the tradition, we drove our cars into the quad.
  7. We set up music in the cars...
  8. ...and danced.
  9. (Honestly, most of our last day was spent dancing.)
  10. Our principal looked on from a safe distance of the third-story junior hall.
  11. It was time spent being affectionate with best friends. (cc: @josephine)
  12. It was time spent taking pictures with favorite teachers.