(Wait, this is my 400th list?!)
  1. The Grove
    Causing me anxiety since 2012
  2. The 1300 block of Detroit St.
    One guy who lived on this block told me he wanted to be with me and then disappeared. Another guy told me the apartment we spent the night in was his, but he actually didn't live there. Not my favorite street.
  3. The Valley
    Between Casual and The Birthday Boys especially, I'm just driving down streets we used as filming locations. Most residential, but I can't forget.
  4. Marina Del Rey into Venice
    Walking on the Fourth of July, when all the streets were closed and there were no ubers in sight.
  5. Culver City
    All of the memories of my first two and a half years in Los Angeles. And all of the memories of the guy who broke my heart the most.
  6. That Hyperion bridge
    Most annoying car accident ever (since no one was hurt, I can say that)
  7. Glendale
    The first guy I seriously dated in LA and all the liquor stores we would walk to before watching Friday Night Lights. Later, where I would work.
  8. Sunset Blvd into West Hollywood
  9. That strip of Mid City that's always under construction.
    Only there did I realize that three guys I'd dated had all lived on streets that were parallel to each other. When I drive by, I think of them one stop light at a time.