1. 2013: The Migraine
    I rang in 2013, my first in LA, with a migraine. I abandoned my plans, watched the ball drop on east coast time, and went to bed by 9:15 PT.
  2. 2014: The Stranger My Friends Abandoned Me With
    2014 was ushered in at Bootie LA, a mashup dance party. I was talking to a guy, and my friends checked in. The next thing I knew, they were gone. I couldn't get an uber and had to go back with the guy, who was a nerdy grad student and didn't seem like he was going to murder me. I told him nothing would happen and nothing did. I left his Pasadena apartment at 7am, and all the roads were closed for the Rose Bowl so $90 later I was home. Spent the whole time praying I wouldn't throw up in the uber.
  3. 2015: The House Party
    My boyfriend and I cooked a steak dinner, and then went to his friends' house for the most wonderful party. I'm now very close with the people from his life I met that night. Our friends were such good hosts that I didn't realize my wine glass kept getting refilled until I wanted to die the next day.
  4. 2016: The House Party 2.0
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    We're heading back to our friends' for this year too. I'm excited to welcome in the new year with some of my favorite people and definitely my favorite beabull.