Inspired by @mandi 💛
  1. TV Series (streaming): Making a Murderer
    OK, so I JUST watched this, but it's insane and I can't force enough people to watch it. Please. If you miss season one of Serial, go watch this on Netflix right now. Don't even finish reading this list.
  2. TV Series (watched weekly): You're the Worst
    I was the "one-woman hype train" for season one of this show, and the second season was even stronger. Just watch this, please, for goodness sakes!
  3. TV Series (that changed my life): Casual
    It feels weird to put this on here, but I was SUCH a fan of season one, before I even started working on it. I went to several events to hear the writers speak, and was so excited to see a show on "tv" that aligned so well with the tone and structure that I was drawn to. In the last two months, as their writers' assistant on season two, I've learned more about writing, storytelling, and structure than I did in four years as a writing major in college. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity.
  4. TV Series (binged years later): Gilmore Girls
    I'd never seen this before, though my roommate had been telling me for years how much I'd love it. She was right. I watched the whole series at the desk of my old job while so so so bored.
  5. Book: Modern Romance
    I was almost a sociology minor in college, and had read a lot of the studies they cited in this book. First half was more interesting to me than the second, but I feel like anyone who is dating in this day and age needs to read it. It rang so true of my own online dating experiences, and I highly recommend it.
  6. Podcast: Guys We Fucked: The Anti-Slut Shaming Podcast
    Been listening to these girls for almost two years. Love them. I listen every Friday.
  7. Album: Every Open Eye by CHVRCHES
    There was a bit of reclaiming of the band here, since they were my ex's favorite but the new album was too good to let his memory keep me away from it.
  8. Musical: Hamilton OR Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Hamilton cast recording on repeat forever, duh. And I know Crazy Ex is a TV show but it's so, so good. Wonderfully ambitious with great pay-off.
  9. Music streaming service: Spotify
    The Discovery Weekly playlists were 💯
  10. App: @list
    There is no other right answer. I have so loved being part of this community, and it was SUCH an important part of my year. Thank you @fisackerly for inviting me to be a beta baby 💛