My Puppilogical Clock Is Ticking Aka Give ME All the Dogs

Just pictures of other peoples' dogs because I want a dog so badly and can't have one
  1. Carys
    Carys is my godmother's guide dog. They live in Hawaii. She is the smartest dog on the planet and puts my godmother back in her bed and strokes her face with her paw when she has seizures. She is also a golden doodle/muppet.
  2. Bijou
    Bijou does not want to be wearing this lobster costume, which is supposed to be for a human. She is my coworker's pitbull and a sweetheart.
  3. Brookston
    This is the littlest dog I have every seen. My 6'5 boss's knee is there as a size comparison. My coworker's boyfriend rescued Brookston and her brother from a bush and I couldn't believe she was a real dog
  4. Bernie
    Bernie is not this small anymore and now he's kind of a brat but he used to sleep on our desks at work. Now he is a giant fluffball of a maltipoo.
  5. Chewy
    Chewy is a model. Another coworker's dog. This is really just a list of my coworkers' dogs.
  6. Beau
    Beau is my boyfriend's brother's dog and sometimes I get to go to the dog park with all of them, where Beau proceeds to only care about his ball, and not about all the affection I want to smother him with.
  7. Dora
    Dora is my boyfriend's cat. She plays fetch though so sometimes I'm pretty sure she thinks she's a dog.
  8. Dylan
    Dylan was our family dog when I was a baby. Here's proof I had a dog once. Dylan was a very bad dog to my parents, but great with baby me, so go figure.