1. I love cleaning the lint filter before putting my clothes in the dryer. There's something oddly satisfying about it.
  2. I love the taste of the coating on Advil tablets.
  3. I love gasoline smell
    Also play-doh smell
    Suggested by @agard
  4. I enjoy cleaning out my kids' ears with Qtips and then using a flashlight to see if there's any more wax left.
    Suggested by @mallofamanda
  5. I love the smell of a freshly painted room. It has always made me happy about new beginnings.
    Suggested by @THEToughCookie
  6. I love finishing things
    It's really satisfying to finish the random spare bottles of shampoo or lotion in the cupboard and toss them out! Or just creating something out of what I already have like meals based on random pantry assortments.
    Suggested by @beccatillinghast