1. I understand very little of what both my hygienist and dentist say.
    But I can't tell if it's because of their accents/speaking in another language, or because they're speaking DENTIST SPEAK.
  2. He told me I need braces.
    I am 25. I already had braces, and have worn my retainers for 14 years, ever since I got them off. This is BS and I don't trust my dentist. I refuse.
  3. He also told me my dental hygiene was very, very good. But there was a small cavity, which we could take care of it today.
  4. He had to give me 4x the normal amount of local anesthetic.
    It kept not working. Now I'm pretty convinced I will never feel my face again.
  5. When can I eat?? Or open my mouth enough to talk??