1. It's a Toyota Camry with tinted windows to give the illusion that we're fancy, I'm guessing?
  2. The driver doesn't believe Whitley is a street.
  3. He has the GPS turned way up, repeating each direction 3 times before we even get to the new street/turn.
  4. It is otherwise silent.
  5. There are two other riders.
  6. The driver keeps yelling at the GPS
  7. He does not like driving in Hollywood.
  8. He also doesn't like the Magic Castle, even though it's lit up beautifully.
  9. He definitely made a right on a red arrow that said no turn on red.
  10. He might be going 50 mph down La Brea.
  11. I hope I don't die getting to Santa Monica for this dinner I'm not totally sure I was supposed to be invited to?