February 19th, 2005, a day that will certainly not live in infamy.
  1. We met at theatre camp. He was the Charlie Brown to my Little Red-Haired Girl, and the King to my Queen in "Cinderella."
  2. We'd gone to see "The King and I" touring production in our town a few weeks earlier, but I hadn't been able to tell if it was a date or not.
  3. He was supposed to pick me up and go bowling. But he forgot the first part.
  4. So he called me to yell at me about standing him up, even though I had saved AIM convos that supported my claims.
  5. Then my dad had to drive me 25 minutes to the bowling alley. I was 14 and he was 15, so we couldn't drive ourselves yet.
  6. We ate at a Qdoba in the shopping center the bowling alley was in. It was the only time I have ever been there. I didn't care for it. I think I had a cheese quesadilla because at the time I was not the Mexican food pro that I am today.
  7. He'd made me a pipe cleaner rose, which he gave to me at the Qdoba. It was actually very sweet.
  8. Afterward, we walked to the ice cream shop even though it was February and freezing, and we got milkshakes. If I tried to consume this much dairy now, I would be in the hospital.
  9. Finally, we went to the bowling alley. We were both terrible bowlers, and halfway through the first game, an employee asked if we wanted bumpers. We said yes and then began scoring, at long last.
  10. I named my bowling ball Lucienne.
  11. We hugged a lot and held hands and danced around like the dorks we were.
  12. He made a bunch of jokes that, in retrospect, I realized were super racist and anti-Mexican.
  13. He didn't kiss me at the end but I also had a cold.
  14. On our second date, we saw the movie "Hitch," and thus began his extremely literal interpretation of dating by the book of Hitch. We dated for two and a half months.
  15. He would later get expelled from his prep school for pulling the fire alarm on a $5 bet. I'd already wanted to break up.
  16. After our breakup, he disappeared, (I'd later learn) went to boarding schools in Massachusetts and then California, and he week after I graduated from high school, after over 3 years of zero contact, he sent me a Facebook message announcing he was gay!