My Very List App Weekend

  1. @annamonomaniac and @sjinwards discovered they're coworkers! I know and love them both, so I was very excited that they've become friends.
  2. Anna, Sarah Jane, and I went to dinner and a movie on Friday, along with SJ's friend, Kelly...
  3. Who, after already starting our mutual TV love affair, I discovered was @Kellendria! This was the most beautiful moment, as we had unknowingly already interacted on @list!
  4. Then, on Saturday, pizza party with @linzamauve, where I spent half the time staring awkward at another patron of the restaurant, trying to place what TV show I knew her from (I'm so so so sorry) (It was Glee season 5, which I only remembered at almost 2am)
  5. Sunday Bestie Double Date Brunch at Barrel & Ashes with @annamonomaniac, @garysundt, and my BFF Michelle, who did not accept my ListApp invitation because she "doesn't like sharing on the Internet."
  6. Then, iced chais with @frannyb and her roommate Zach in the Enchanted Forest in the back of the Bourgeois Pig!
  7. A very lovely, List-y weekend, indeed!