If all else fails, maybe I could be a manicurist?
  1. Crazy lines!!
    1085f032 2c3c 4362 a320 f16705d958c5
  2. 3-hole reinforcement mani
    6c56291a e033 4d4b 8d34 841c9ff0a1d1
  3. Blue dots on white
    7705ceed 1de7 4e20 8369 32c54bfb4ab6
  4. Cover-up of chipping via 3-hole reinforcements
    Fe736250 c36b 4e1a af4b ae56e8fd6f40
  5. Semi-failed attempt at ombré nails
    Eb7a2637 5608 4036 9749 7a57b8678e82
  6. Multicolored dots over black
    B852c243 e2ff 4bdb a690 f2911bab9e2d
  7. Just really good solid polish job
    D7934ee1 1620 49e1 b3e4 8968ec26a4ce
  8. Striping tape
    3c74a02f 42ae 40e1 abca 802ae42f5ad3
  9. White dots over vintage rose with inverse accent nail
    6d63a7ab a74c 42fa b1c8 783082ac9580
  10. Scotch tape nude/gold mani
    Ff941b75 97b9 48c2 aea8 3d320574ac82
  11. Galaxy nails
    E255b20a f8cd 403c 81ad f859a7ef799b
  12. Matte
    861b3acc fe74 4a58 8228 6c6853ef9a9d