I am finally watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. For the first time. I just finished season 3. Here are some lingering thoughts before Rory goes to college.
  1. Everyone in Stars Hollow has a twin bed. What's up with that?
  2. Luke and Lorelai need to stop fucking around and start FUCKING. The tension here is making me super sexually frustrated by proxy.
  3. Paris Geller must be related to Ross & Monica Geller from Friends, right? She's got their competitive edge for sure.
  4. Where are all the boys in Stars Hollow that went to elementary/middle school with Rory and Lane? Why do they only know new-to-town boys (Dean, Jess) or out-of-town boys (Dave)?
  5. Dean sucks.
  6. Jess sucks less than Dean, but still sucks.
  7. Basically, no one is deserving of Rory.