I'm hiding over here to stay out of the sun. Mostly just this one guy talking at another dude.
  1. "Calvin Klein wanted me so I moved...this was back when I was skinny and had a shaved head."
    Not skinny. Not young. Not cute.
  2. "I have callbacks and wait lists but never seem to get anything."
    Chill out, you're on this show.
  3. "I get nightmares...doesn't help that everyone is growing pot everywhere!"
  4. "I heard he has lymphoma."
    The other guy doesn't actually know the person with lymphoma.
  5. "My dad used to sell drinks to tourists...on the rocks!"
  6. "I don't read books"
  7. "My massive body is going to soak all the breeze in"
    Said by a size 0 girl
  8. "Looking at girls is just fine by me."