Parents visiting me in LA tomorrow. Mom has not seen my "new" apartment. I am very anxious.
  1. Last minute late-night emergency cleaning of my bathroom
    After watching tv for hours, had a total freak out and scrubbed my bathroom clean. Now I'm super awake.
  2. They're meeting my boyfriend for the first time and he's not nervous.
    *I'm* nervous. But he's super chill. And not in a cocky way. He's genuinely excited to meet them. Whaaaaa?
  3. How do I prove to them that I'm an adult when all of my shoes are falling apart?
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  4. I washed all the dresses that cover my tattoo.
    They know about it, and have seen it, but still.
  5. I vacuumed for the first time.
    We've been in this apartment for 7 months. I should probably have better habits. Hopefully my mom won't notice.
  6. What should I do with them?? We've run the course of the standard touristy stuff, and they don't like beaches.
  7. Where should we have brunch when they meet the boyfriend???? This is all-consuming.
  8. They're only here til Monday (phew) and then they go to Hawaii but then THEY COME BACK. For a WEEK.
    And I have to do this all over again.