1. Married guy having a meltdown/John
    Teal button down in 80 degree heat. Keeps looking distraught and alternating between putting his head in his hands and staring at a small sheet of paper in his lap.
  2. Guy on Tinder
    No explanation necessary.
  3. Hunchback
    Orange Hawaiian shirt. Probably in here for neck/back issues, just like me! Sounds like he and his wife are speaking Russian. UPDATE: His wife Roberta is actually the patient?! Someone should really take a look at his back though.
  4. Chill bro
    Has a Smart water with him. Black skinny jeans. UPDATE: he was just waiting for Joshua.
  5. The two girls, only one of whom speaks English
    They just went upstairs. The patient definitely doesn't speak English. They both look twelve.
  6. Sleeves/Sam
    Guy with two full tattoo sleeves who is gonna come back when they text him but "no rush, obviously." UPDATE: he came back with an iced coffee.
  7. PDA couple
    She's sitting on his lap and wearing 5" wedges she can't walk in. He has shoelace-less Converse.
  8. Jake
    Backwards cap, baseball tee, super patient, getting lab results of some sport
  9. May
    Basketball shorts. Refuses to let anyone sit at the empty seat at his table. But it's ok cause he has major B.O.
  10. Sunglasses/Monica
    She's wearing her sunglasses inside. Has cool bowling shoes. Looks like a rockstar. The woman she's with looks like a tennis player. Haven't figure out which of them is the patient yet. UPDATE: It was Sunglasses.
  11. Young couple/Zachary and Cassandra
    The guy was standing for a while when there were no seats, so I'm guessing his girl is the patient. She has a cool patterned pocket on her jean shorts. UPDATE: they're BOTH the patients. Go figure! He was called first and I thought it was rude that she'd been sitting if he was the patient but if they're both going in, I rescind my statement.
  12. Yoga pants/Lily
    Looks to be my age. Has cool yoga pants and a giant sweater it's MUCH too warm to be wearing.
  13. Curly Q/Michael
    Guy sitting behind me. I can't turn around to get a good look at him cause of my neck injury but he has curly bright orange hair and refuses to silence his phone like the rest of us are doing.
  14. Couple outside the door who are getting STD tested
    "$129 for an STD Panel?! Being a slut is so expensive!"
  15. Goth girl
    Her hair is dyed in black and red chunks.
  16. Too many patterns
    Guy wearing a black tie-dye shirt and plaid shorts who keeps pacing way too close to me. Just got an X-Ray.
  17. Katherine
    Has cool sandals.