Photos That Make Me Feel Loved

Thank you for this request, @jennamarie! Making this list made me smile so hard! 💛
  1. Dad lying on the floor of my grandparents' house. Me looking so proud of myself
  2. My favorite picture 13 years in the running
  3. Another favorite when my BFF and I were babies in college, riding the El Train
  4. Ice cream with one of my high school besties when she came out to LA to visit me
  5. Hanukkah gift from boyfriend. A piece from my favorite street artist, which I took him to see months earlier.
  6. So affectionate with my mama
  7. Best friends since we were 8
  8. Boyfriend's company holiday party. Our friends (and his brother) all work there so it's just a bunch of people I love
  9. Loves supporting our friends' web series
  10. Laughing on our one-year anniversary
  11. This photo makes me smile as much as we were in that moment.
  12. This is a dog I met once but we were immediately in love.
  13. Best friend
  14. Grandma and I cuddling with Minnie Mouse