Never done a tutorial before so apologies if this is too wordy/not wordy enough/etc etc. let me know if you'd like any other nail tutorials!
  1. What you need (besides polish): nail file, base coat and top coat (I'm using OPI), tissues, q-tips, nail polish remover, and some sort of scrap paper pad underneath, a small brush, and, most importantly, a dotting tool!
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  2. I got this set of 5 double-sides dotting tools on Amazon, along with a set of brush and nail striping tape for about $13 total (brand Beaute Galleria)
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    If you don't want to purchase the tools, you can also use a toothpick or the end of a paper clip. I like that the set gives you a bunch of options of sizes of dots.
  3. File nails down to desired length with an Emory board. This keeps them healthy. Then apply a base coat and let it dry.
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  4. Apply two coats of your polish and allow them to dry completely. I'm right handed, so I always start painting my right nails with my left hand first (since you have more control over your dominant hand, it's easier if that's the latter one).
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  5. Now you're ready for your dots! Take a few drops of the dot color (I'm using OPI's Alpine Snow) and put it out on the scrap paper. Have your remover ready as well. I like to pour some into the cap to clean the tool in between.
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  6. Dip the tool into the polish. You'll know when you have to refresh the dot polish (if it's drying out) if it starts to get thick and stringy on the nail.
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  7. Carefully tap the tool onto the nail in the pattern you want. I usually do a 2-3-2 dot pattern, starting with three dots down the center of the nail.
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  8. Wait for the dots to dry. More time than you think. You don't want them to smear. Then apply a top coat.
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  9. You can clean up around the cuticle with q-tips or brushes dipped on polish remover.
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    If the top coat does smear the dots, take a drop of the main color of the nail and use a brush to cover up the smear.
  10. Voila! You're done!
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