Questions For My Apartment on My Last Day Here

  1. Why is there a penguin on the sink?? What is he hiding under there??
  2. Why is this thermostat from the 1970s? I literally googled "Honeywell thermostat 1970" and an identical image to the one in my apartment came up. Remember when I didn't have heat for three months and my landlord told me I was just an idiot and then the guy came to fix it and assured me there was no heat coming out?
  3. Why did you never put our names up? We lived here for almost two years.
  4. What's with this decor that's now on the ground? There were several rotting squashes as well over the last 9 months (search #adventureswithsquashy on Instagram for more info)
  5. This has never worked, right?
  6. Why can't you have two items plugged into this, the only outlet in the kitchen, without it short-circuiting?
  7. What's this hook in the ceiling?
  8. Why the nail coming down from my bedroom ceiling? Why?
  9. What is this even? It doesn't work, I tried.