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  1. Spoilers
  2. Trying to warn you that spoilers follow!!!!!
  3. Spoilersspoilersspoilers OK now it's on you if you click
  4. Who was calling/harassing Teresa per her coworker's testimony? Don't they have phone records for that? Why was this not looked into at all?
  5. WTF was the brother deleting voicemails/roommate and ex boyfriend going through her phone records about and why were none of these people suspects?
  6. How were either of these men found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?? I've been on the jury of an attempted murder and assault trial. BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is the foundation of our court system.
  7. How are these cops still working????
  8. Why did Dassey's lawyers not introduce the video clearly showing how coerced his confession at the school was?? What ABOUT her head, assholes???
  9. Um hello what's up with Brendan's stepdad and brother and their mutual alibis?
  10. Was it just me or did it sound like the judge in Steven's case was totally holding his '85 wrongful conviction against him during sentencing?
  11. How does Steven keep getting all these girlfriends in prison and how old was the last one?
  12. How did Steven not own any underwear in 1985?
  13. Was there ACTUAL DNA evidence linking Steven to the crime besides the blood in the car? What about the LACK OF BLOOD from allegedly slitting her throat???
  14. Is it weird to have a crush on Steven's 2006 lawyers...?
  15. How did the Avery jury go from 7 not guilty to a guilty conviction??