1. "You don't seem like "the type" to have tattoos."
    What do you expect me to say here?
  2. "The font is nice, I guess."
    My mom, the first time she saw a picture of my new ink
  3. "But what about your wedding photos?!?!"
    Gotten this question so many times. My answer is always, "I imagine I'll like my tattoo enough to want to feature it in my wedding photos, but I'm not even engaged so why is this your concern?" One time I played a bride on TV and they didn't cover my tattoo then, either.
  4. Inappropriate touching
    Especially by men who are older than I am. My tattoo is on my back, and a number of people have found it perfectly OK to move articles of clothing of mine, without my permission, in order to get a better look. Please do not touch me without permission. Come on.