Reasons I Love the Show Galavant

The season finale airs on ABC next Sunday
  1. Timothy Omundson is having the most fun anyone has ever had. It is a joy to watch him.
  2. I love when people sing and dance. I watched Glee for FAR too many season simply because I loved the singing and dancing so much but I actually like this show.
  3. It is so wonderfully self-aware. The second season premiere was titled "A New Season AKA Suck It, Cancellation Bear. It is one of the cleverest shows on TV.
  4. John Stamos appears as "Jean Ham" and there are a boatload of other fun guest stars (Ricky Gervais, Weird Al, Kylie Minogue, etc)
  5. All the music is original and brought to you by Disney legend Alan Menken.
  7. The theme is essentially "If I Can't Love Her" from the stage production of Beauty and the Beast.
  8. Joshua Sasse is very, very handsome