Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. Because I went to Quaker School for 13 years.
  2. Because my parents gave up on teaching me to ride a bike when I was too clumsy and they were worried for my safety.
  3. Because I was traumatized by two recurring nightmares after seeing Hocus Pocus so I still can't watch it.
  4. Because I lost my first tooth when I was four.
  5. Because I made my parents say "See you in the morning" every night before bed or I was convinced they or I was going to die.
  6. Because I used to "slime-proof" my room every night before bed after being terrified of the Slime Monster from "Ghost Writer." It consisted of an elaborate routine of tapping various points and corners in my room and then counting out specific patterns under the covers.
  7. Because I've faked it every time the doctor hits my knees to test my reflexes.
  8. Because in kindergarten, I asked my teacher to put me in time out since I was the only kid in the class who hadn't had it and I felt left out.