The curse of being a klutz.
  1. Broken toe (age 10)
    Smacked into a doorframe. My friend was at the door and I was so excited ran to greet her (I must run like Phoebe on Friends). My parents didn't believe that I was seriously injured and I walked up and down every aisle in a shoe store. That night my foot turned black and then my parents believed me.
  2. Broken foot (age 14)
    Walking down the two steps in front of the house I had lived in my entire life. This happened two days before I started high school, and I spent the first 6 weeks of my freshman year being "that girl on crutches."
  3. Concussion (age 21)
    Hit my head on a paper towel dispenser at my work-study job in college. I was trying to unplug a paper shredder and accidentally unplugged a desktop computer that a grad student was working on and her shriek startled me, causing me to bash my head on the paper towel dispenser above me.
  4. Concussion (age 24)
    Hit my head on a towel rack while cleaning the apartment I was moving out of so we didn't lose our security deposit. My roommate called out to me and I got startled. Apparently I am always startled and my head is always bludgeoned by objects associated with towels.
  5. Broken foot (age 25)
    Was getting out of bed to pee at 4am and both my feet were still asleep. I thought I'd just twisted my ankle until later that day when my foot turned blue and I couldn't walk.