I changed this from movies because it's more relevant to my TV viewing patterns. I'm way more likely to watch any episode I've seen a hundred times of any of these shows.
  1. Friends
    And I'll quote along with every line! Any poor would who happens to be watching with me has a free pass to slap me.
  2. Saved by the Bell
    Any original cast year, including college/the Vegas wedding movie, but never the Good Morning, Miss Bliss or New Class seasons.
  3. Say Yes to the Dress
    Only the original. Not Atlanta.
  4. Law & Order: SVU
    Never the original. Only SVU
  5. How I Met Your Mother
    Especially early seasons. Bonus if it's one of the tearjerker episodes.
  6. Real Housewives of New Jersey
    The only iteration I have ever watched.
  7. Millionaire Matchmaker
    Look, Patti's taught me well. Dating in LA is a nightmare.