Some people do find love and happiness in high school. But when I was younger, it was all over my TV so much so that I thought there was something wrong with me that at 18 I *didn't* have a boyfriend that wanted to marry me
  1. Boy Meets World
    #1 cause of this confusion. I get that Cory and Topanga are soulmates but watching this show when I was little gave me SUCH a complex about dating.
  2. Glee
    Everyone gets engaged/married on this show right? Idk I stopped watching at some point in season 4.
  3. Gilmore Girls
    Dean (who sucks, but still) got married (and then the whole Rory/divorce thing) and I know they're out of high school now but still!!!
  4. Reba
    This one's for you @carolineeand
  5. Friday Night Lights
    Again, Julie and Matt were out of high school I guess, but still weird. Also Julie was the worst and didn't deserve Matt as her husband OR Coach and Mrs. Coach as her parents.
  6. Secret Life of the American Teenager
    Truth be told, I have never intentionally watched this show, but my roommate watched every episode and it sounded like everyone on this show was pregnant and/or married and/or engaged
  7. Saved by the Bell
    Again, they were in college (I think they were freshmen or sophomores? Who knows). Oy vey.
  8. 90210
    Suggested by @dena
  9. Twilight
    Suggested by @dena
  10. Gossip Girl
    Suggested by @dena
  11. One Tree Hill
    I have no idea what age Haley and Nathan got married but I remember them moving in together at an obscenely young age
    Suggested by @jordanbashaar