1. For 7 months I've been in a fight with this table, which resides in the stairway I take every day up from my apartment's garage. This has been going on the entire time I've lived here.
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  2. Now, I'm a tiny lady, but the table makes the stairwell super difficult to move through.
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  3. Like seriously, how am I supposed to fit through there with my purse and work bag etc etc?
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  4. Today I got too fed up and decided to move the table!
  5. I immediately banged my thumb because I am a klutz and should have expected that this would happen. But I powered on!
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  6. I got the table down the stairs! But not without first scaring the shit out of my neighbor, who opened the door to the stairwell and thought I was a well-dressed homeless person.
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  7. SEVEN MONTHS OF FRUSTRATION ENDS TODAY! This is my attempt at a selfie with my mortal enemy, this muthaeffin table.
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  8. Take that, table! Down where you belong!
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  9. Oh look, a lovely clear pathway to the door!
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  10. Now, to paraphrase Alanis, I can wash my hands clean of it.
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