1. "Christmas TV" by Slow Club
    I still get warm and fuzzies when I hear the first few chords. It reminds me of walking around Evanston in -10 degree weather
  2. "Candlelit" by Frightened Rabbit
    And most of Frightened Rabbit's discography. It's their words I have permanently inscribed on my body, after all.
  3. "Shake" by The Head and the Heart
  4. "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked" by Ida Maria
    Only problematic when listening, windows down, waiting to pull into my building's garage and a grandma and her little granddaughter went by and glared at me.
  5. "Graceless" by The National
  6. "I wanna get better" by Bleachers/@jackantonoff
    Obviously not a breakup song, but served this purpose for me because it made me feel better to blast it, windows open, breezing down Venice Blvd and totally not driving by his house anymore.
  7. "I'm Going Down" Vampire Weekend's Bruce Springsteen cover
  8. "Mary May & Bobby" by Joe Purdy
    First heard this on the season 2 finale of "Suburgatory," and it stuck with me. As did Daughter's "Landfill," which I also first heard on that episode.