First names omitted for any dating endeavors
  1. ...Welder Superman
  2. ...tiny ninja
  3. ...what country??
    I met this guy at a bar and he had a very strong accent but wouldn't tell me where he was from.
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    No but seriously, he's one of my favorite street artists and made me this lovely piece from my favorite Almost Famous quote.
  5. a band
  6. Burner phone
    What is this??? I'm afraid to call it.
  7. ...Pumpkin Beer
  8. ...on a library
    I think this was a typo for someone who worked IN a library? The world will never know.
  9. Hawaii
    I'm pretty sure this is my godparents' landline (they live in Hawaii)
  10. ...Pawnee
    Because how could I ever resist a Parks fan?
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    My saga with Time Warner is one for the books. Getting this phone line for my office finally set up was a huge victory. Here's a picture of me on the phone with them for the thousandth time (I made the whole collage while waiting on hold).
  12. ...but called felix