I should be packing for our road trip to my boyfriend's parents' house, but instead, I'm reflecting on a bunch of past Thanksgivings because I live my life by @list
  1. 2013: I got a Which Wich turkey sandwich and ate it in the floor of my living room while watching The Hunger Games. I stayed holed up in my Culver City apartment and didn't talk to a single person the entire weekend.
  2. Alternating years 1994-1998: Since we didn't have any family in-state, for a number of years in my childhood, we'd alternate hosting and going to my parents' friends, Fran and Tony's house. At their house, the only kids movie they had was Mrs. Doubtfire, which I watched every year.
  3. 2011: The Fight That Almost Broke Us Up. I remember telling him that night that I didn't know if he was my soulmate, or just my first love. It was 3 years into our relationship. Instead, we'd last another 7 months, and I'd end it for real a week after I graduated from college, when the plan for him to move to LA with me felt 100% wrong.
  4. 2005: While going to see the film Rent with my parents, I ran into my very first ex-boyfriend, who I had not seen since he pulled the fire alarm at his school on a $5 bet, and we'd broken up 6 months earlier. He had completely disappeared from all our friends' lives, but there he was! I was mortified in the way that only a 15-year-old can be.
  5. 2012: My first away from home. A wonderful orphan Thanksgiving with college friends. My roommate and I made 3 pies.
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  6. 2008: I met the boyfriend I would date for 3.5 years and then my grandfather passed away, all in a 24 hour period.
  7. 2003: The day before, my weird Quaker school had all-school convocation, and as middle school president, I had to speak in from of 1,000 people, dance because I was on dance team, and then got the lead in the middle school musical. My grandparents were visiting and got to see it all.
  8. 2014: Got taken into a friend of a friend's family's Thanksgiving, complete with 3 turkeys and heartfelt connections with near strangers. A truly lovely evening.
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  9. 2010: Was not, for once, felt up by my Nana, but she did steal my cranberry sauce without asking.