1. It was August 2001 and my parents and I were on vacation in Chicago.
  2. We couldn't check into our hotel yet, so we decided to go on a walk around the area near our hotel.
  3. In the blistering, humid Chicago heat, we saw something strange: four men in full black suits walking in a square formation.
  4. At the center of this square was a woman in a pink tracksuit. She was power-walking.
  5. It was an odd sight for my 11-year-old self.
  6. As the group approached, the woman in the pink tracksuit smiled at us. "Hello," she said, and they all walked past.
  7. We were virtually unable to respond because once she was close enough to smile, we realized who it was, and why she was with this odd group of suits.
  8. It was Oprah herself.
  9. I had never seen a celebrity IRL, let alone someone of OPRAH stature
  10. "We should have told her we're from Baltimore," my dad said, but we were all too dumbfounded to say anything until she was already out of sight.