1. When I accidentally followed the girlfriend of a boy I'd slept with on Twitter.
    They were still dating when we fucked.
  2. When I get the email back that I've forgotten to attach the attachment.
    Mortifying every time.
  3. When my boss and the guy I was dating both had the same name and I texted the wrong one.
    Luckily, I only ever texted the one I dated stuff meant for my boss. But it also accidentally got us back together. At least I never sexted my boss though!
  4. When I clicked on someone's LinkedIn page and then realized they would get a notification that I had visited their page.
    Always LinkedIn-stalk from a browser you're not logged into!
  5. When my ex discovered that his liking of Suicide Girls photos on Facebook was visible to everyone, including his mother and aunt.
  6. Misspelling the subject line in an email. My personal example: typing "leadershit" instead of "leadership".
    Tell them what you really think, Sweta.
    Suggested by @swetanation