Forgive me, I'm having a lot of feelings in the uber right now.
  1. Everyone is as wonderful as I hoped they would be! I'm a pretty awkward person but it didn't seem to matter.
  2. It was fun to see my worlds colliding--people I invited interacting with each other and becoming friends was the best. @linzamauve and @schneiderjamz bonding! @fisackerly, who invited me, meeting @annamonomaniac! It made me giddy. And then @sjinwards and @Kellendria showed up!!
  3. The "Hi, I'm ____" look at face, down at name tag with @ handle, back at face, "OH HI!" move that we were all constantly doing.
  4. I loved hugging everyone because I feel like we know each other, even if we've just met.
  5. Putting names to faces was the best. Discussing the joys of the vitamix with @lilydiamond, online dating with @magdalenam, readjusting to LA with @hannahstark
  6. Talking pugs with @linzamauve, @danpolis, @TJ, and @johnaugust
  7. Seeing Emma Watson through the window with @tothemaxxx and @laure, and then feeling guilty about being the reason @annamonomaniac, @garold, @laur, @danpolis, and @TJ all went to stalk her at the restaurant next door.
  8. Offering to do @sam's nails and still being 100% down even once sober.
  9. Talking serious Disneyland with @amyjean and @carey--have fun this week!
  10. @Meatball outsmarted us all by having a fan. It was very warm.
  11. I had to go get a grilled cheese next door by myself part way through. I made friends with Bobo, the cashier, and he gave me tomato soup for free, I think because he felt bad for me that I was eating alone. I was just worried about being too tipsy with all you lovely people I admire so much!
  12. @annamonomaniac went to college with the entirety of List App?! Or at least @Waz, @DrPinho, and @trevormorrow.
  13. @agard and @schneiderjamz went to the same high school and Erik knows Caitlin's sister?! Insane.
  14. @Grosstastic, did the stranger we met at the bar end up joining?? He was lovely.
  15. Seeing people I met at @videodrew's birthday and feeling like they were old friends (@MissBicks, @hollis)
  16. Sitting outside the grilled cheese place with @annamonomaniac, @garold (whose name originated tonight), @DrPinho, @Nicholas, @carolinek, @Nikki, @Waz, @jourdainmay...I think I'm missing someone but we were playing musical chairs so much that it was hard to keep track.
  17. I know I talked with more of you lovely people, so please don't get mad if I've left you off! I had one too many of those Umbrella Old Fashioneds!
  18. Thank you to @mandi for organizing this wonderful evening (and it meant so much to talk to you in person). I am emotionally overwhelmed on a number of levels, but it was worth it. @bjnovak, @dev, @Nicholas, @jeremysomething...thank you for letting us all be a part of this.