Inspired by @originalamericantrt, who was inspired by @aidybryant
  1. Now I'm on my couch reading the last 60 pages of Goblet of Fire
    Boyfriend is reading the Harry Potter books for he first time. Over the course of writing this list I also received "Mad Eye Moody is bad?!? What?!" And "Taking some crazy turns!"
  2. I'm sorry. The plumber is working now and I hope will be fixed soon.
    My landlord, in response to how there was no hot water today.
  3. Settling into our room in Kona. Gray skies, warm and humid.
    Parents just got to Hawaii
  4. Ironically, I am sick today.
    When I asked my boss if he wanted lunch. He is not coming in now, and then goes to Japan for two weeks tomorrow!
  5. Nooooo Logan!!!
    When I revealed to a friend that I still don't like Logan and I'm pretty deep into Gilmore Girls. Rory just has really bad taste in men!